Swimming Pool Contractors Vs. Do It Yourself

I have been thinking about getting a pool for my family for many years. Being quite the handyman and having worked in construction, I started to think if I could do this project myself. So I went on the internet and started to research all the phases that swimming pool contractors do when constructing a pool. I also have a friend who is in the swimming pool business, who is questioning my sanity for even entertaining the thought of pool construction being a do-it-yourself project.

So I start my research by Google swimming pool contractors and their phases of construction. I then realize that I need to get specific plans done and also apply for permits. Having no experience in drafting, I would have to hire someone to do a construction plan for me, a service that is typically included in bids from builders. Then I would have to go to City Hall, apply for the permit, and go back there when it is done. No big deal, that won’t be too much time.

I will basically be acting as a general contractor so I need to find and hire subcontractors for each phase of construction. Not quite sure where to start to look but my friend knows swimming pool contractors so I asked him to give them a call to see who they used. I managed to get a few names of subcontractors and called them about doing my project. Most were happy for the extra work but since their regular swimming pool contractors are their bread and butter, my project would have to be done when they had extra time.

Being that it was already spring, I am starting to worry about how long this project was going to take if this was the case with all subcontractors. I began making more calls and then realized that I am going to have lots of people in my backyard, doing some pretty serious construction. Am I going to be liable if something happens to them? I went back on the internet and sure enough, I definitely will be. When you hire swimming pool contractors to do your projects, they are fully insured and the liability is on them, even if they use subcontractors.

Then I go on the state contractor’s board to see if there is anything that I need to know before I start my project. There it was, in big bold letters – Risks of Owner-Builder. I read the article and it said that if I used anyone other than my immediate family, then I would be considered an employer. That means taxes, insurance, and social security for anyone on the job.

Using swimming pool contractors to do this project is looking more desirable. I really don’t want to assume all this responsibility and liability to save a little money. Besides, the downward economy has made the consumer king so I know that swimming pool contractors are discounting their prices to be competitive and get more business. I think that I am going to start making some phone calls to get bids.

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