Case Study of Property Styling Melbourne ROI

We recently consulted with a family who was looking to maximize the sale value of their home through making the correct home styling investments. The owners still lived in the property, and had done so for over twenty years, during which they had never updated the original colouring or decor.

Here is a quick breakdown of what we advised them to do and why:

Hire Furniture – While the client’s property was certainly serviceable, it was definitely dated, and from an earlier period in their lives. We advised them to clear out their property into storage, and use hire furniture to project the right kind of image to their target demographic. Doing so made a huge difference in their home styling. The purpose of hire furniture is to illustrate to purchasers how the property can be furnished and accessorized, giving them a sense of how appealing the property can be.

Street Appeal – The front yard of the property also hadn’t had many changes over the years. We recommended the client landscape the front yard, giving it definition and a single focal point to create a strong introduction to the home.

Living Area – We repainted the dated, bright yellow walls with a much more modern, neutral tone. This enabled us to utilize the hire furniture to maximize the appeal to a much wider range of potential buyers. This area was the focal point of the entire floor plan, so we knew to invest most of our home styling efforts improving this part of the property styling Melbourne.

Courtyard – The home had a small courtyard area which contained a small reflecting pool. We advised the client to clean the area up with new paint, and convert it into an appealing area to entertain. Given the location of the property, we felt this would be ideal for professionals working in the city.

Colour Consultation – Most of their living area had been bright yellow as described, and each bedroom had its own intensive colour as well. We delivered an integrated plan that appeals to the majority of buyers in their area; an effective home styling technique.

Kitchen Update – This home had beautiful, hand-crafted cabinetry, and gorgeous stone countertops, so it did not need much in that regard. It was woefully out of date as far as appliances go. We completely replaced everything electronic in the kitchen, making it convenient and modern.

So, what were the results of all of these different property styling Melbourne suggestions?

By investing around 1.5% of the properties’ value, these owners were able to see a dramatic return on their money. Consult with property styling Melbourne experts and see if it is possible to realize similar gains if you are considering selling your own property.

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